Sitka to Vancouver - Explore the stunning Waterfall Coast. Take guided Zodiac expeditions and participate in graduate-level experiments.

13 Days - Tour Dates: August 8 - 20, 2022
33 Meals Included

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Price Per Person:

From $5399.00 per person, double occupancy

Price does not include Airfare or Port Taxes
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Tour Highlights:

  • Pre-night hotel included
  • ALL ocean view staterooms
  • Complimentary shore excursions in every port
  • Included cocktail hour
  • All non-premium beverages included (full bar)
  • Complimentary cappuccino, espresso, specialty coffees, bottled water and soft drinks throughout your voyage
  • Exquisite onboard meals, including both multi-course fine dining and casual cuisine
  • Gracious service from a friendly staff
  • Educational talks, cultural performances, & cooking classes
  • Professional entertainment nightly
  • Port Taxes additional
  • Price does not include Airfare or Airport Transfers

Daily Itinerary:

Day 1 - Monday, 8/8/2022 - To Sitka / Hotel Stay
Fly to Sitka, Alaska (airfare not included). Sitka is a place of many traditions. You’ll immediately recognize the distinctive Russian domes of the churches, and may assume this city has Russian origins. You’d be right, of course, it was formally founded by the Russian-American Company in 1799. But the heart of Sitka is much deeper. The downtown area of Sitka was settled by the Tlingit people more than 10,000 years ago. For even longer, it has been home to the wild creatures who make Alaska a place unlike any other. Listen to the chattering of eagles and drink in the scent of the eponymous Sitka spruce as you experience the joy of this place, once called the “Paris of the Pacific.”
Day 2 - Tuesday, 8/9/2022 - Embark in Sitka
Sitka is a place of many traditions. You’ll immediately recognize the distinctive Russian domes of the churches, and may assume this city has Russian origins. You’d be right, of course, it was formally founded by the Russian-American Company in 1799. But the heart of Sitka is much deeper. The downtown area of Sitka was settled by the Tlingit people more than 10,000 years ago. For even longer, it has been home to the wild creatures who make Alaska a place unlike any other. We welcome you to your point of embarkation, where Ocean Victory waits to welcome you on board in time for your first dinner at sea. - Breakfast - Dinner
Day 3 - Wednesday, 8/10/2022 - Kake & Frederick Sound, AK
The towering totem pole, the largest ever carved from a single tree, stands sentinel over this ancient village on the tip of Kupreanof Island. The Kake tribe of the Tlingit people still observe a subsistent lifestyle here, the harshness of its demands belied by the warmth of their welcome. In adjacent Frederick Sound, we’ll explore by Zodiac, led by our team of naturalists. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 4 - Thursday, 8/11/2022 - Endicott Arm & Fjord Terror
We will spend the night in these splendid surroundings. Our ship is uniquely equipped to stop here, in a secluded cove of the captain’s choice, without disturbing the serenity with mechanical sounds or interruptions. Stand on deck and experience the stillness. Hear the sounds of the waters and wilderness around you. Be fully aware of where you are, who you are, and how you are in this matchless environment. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 5 - Friday, 8/12/2022 - Tracy / Endicott Arm
Nature will dictate our route here. Northbound cruises will explore one of these spectacular fjords. Both are deep, narrow, and host to distinct marine environments we’ll explore with experts via a Zodiac or kayak. Southbound voyages will spend two days here, with the opportunity to explore both fjords with equal curiosity and expertise. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 6 - Saturday, 8/13/2022 - Petersburg, AK
We’ll dock right beside Alaska’s largest home-based halibut fleet, who call this shallow, protected harbor home. These abundant waters and an endless supply of ice from nearby LeConte Glacier led Norwegian fisherman Peter Buschmann to build the region’s first cannery and invite his fishing countrymen to join him. Hence the town’s name and its strong Norwegian culture. Large cruise ships cannot come into Petersburg, so you’ll be among a privileged few to be in this charming, authentic Alaskan village. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 7 - Sunday, 8/14/2022 - Waterfall Coast
Today’s challenge is trying to keep track of the number of waterfalls we’ll encounter as we glide along Baranof Island’s beautiful eastern coast, the little known “waterfall coast.” Some trickle, some thunder, some simply splash merrily to the sea. Exploration is the order of the day, and you choose your point of view – from any of Ocean Victory’s observation perspectives, or right at water level by kayak or Zodiac. This almost hidden shoreline is perfect for discovery. Watch for seals, deer, and tidepools ready to reveal their secret treasures. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 8 - Monday, 8/15/2022 - Wrangell, AK
Wrangell is the perfect spot for an optional jet boat excursion to explore the dramatic Stikine River – what the Tlingit people call “the Great River.” The picturesque town of Wrangell is the gateway to the river, perched at the very tip of rugged Wrangell Island. You are most welcome here, as native Alaskans whose ancestors have lived on this island for thousands of years open their tribal home, their culture, and their magnificent river for your exploration. Take home your own petroglyph rubbing to remember your time among more than 40 ancient petroglyphs on the 8,000-year-old site of Petroglyph Beach. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 9 - Tuesday, 8/16/2022 - Misty Fjords
The soaring granite cliffs that greet us this morning are 50 to 70 million years old. Yes, million. Ancient glaciers scrubbed deep troughs through this wilderness, leaving a scenic geological wonder. New Eddystone Rock is a remnant of long ago volcanic activity that left the iconic basalt pillar as a testament to the power of this place. Humpback whales, orcas, sea lions, bears, wolves, moose, and hundreds of species of sea and shorebirds await as we spend most of today exploring the shoreline with our team of marine biologists from Cal Poly. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 10 - Wednesday, 8/17/2022 - Ketchikan & Metlakatla, AK
The totem poles of Ketchikan and Saxman welcome you this morning to Alaska’s southernmost city. Standing tall and noble, each hand-carved pole tells a silent story. This afternoon in Metlakatla, the first thing you’ll notice are the smiles. They are wide, warm, and genuine – welcoming you to the only settlement of indigenous Tsimshian people in the United States. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 11 - Thursday, 8/18/2022 - Fiordland (Kynoch Inlet)
In the spectacular setting of this provincial park, you’ll discover a kayaker’s paradise, with inlets, bays, islands, and fjords that reveal an intricate network of waterfalls and glaciers. Old growth Sitka spruce and dense coastal western hemlock forests shelter black bears and grizzlies along the rugged coastline. This is a day that will stretch all your senses. Granite cliffs over 3,000 feet high drop straight into seemingly bottomless water – and waterfalls cascade from dizzying heights into glacial inlets. You’ll explore unique coastal marine life in an area accessible only by sea. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 12 - Friday, 8/19/2022 - Canadian Inside Passage
The first people to explore these picturesque waters did it in hand-carved cedar dugout canoes. You will enjoy an intimate connection to this place as Ocean Victory takes you through a narrow maze of channels, passages, and reaches from Vancouver Island to the northern edge of British Columbia. Whether you’re in the expansive Observation Lounge, on deck or on the one-of-a-kind viewing platform, keep your eye out for whales and dolphins in Queen Charlotte Sound – and watch for bears as we glide along pristine island shorelines. - Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner
Day 13 - Saturday, 8/20/2022 - Vancouver, BC, Canada
This vibrant city is a kaleidoscope of color, culture, and pacesetting urban design. From the shopping delights of Robson Street to the lively energy of Granville Island Public Market, Vancouver brings a unique European flair to Canada’s western coast. Its setting alone will take your breath away, especially from the 450-foot Vancouver Lookout atop Harbour Centre – a 360-degree view from ocean to mountains. The landmark white sails of Canada Place welcome you to your point of disembarkation. - Breakfast

Additional Tour Information:

The first-ever ship built to ensure the perfect comfort of guests and the ultimate protection of the delicate environment in which we will explore. Join us as she embarks on a landmark expedition to the pristine wilderness of Alaska in Spring 2022. The unique design of this extraordinary ship announces her commitment to excellence in expedition cruising. Spacious suites and staterooms with panoramic views — most with private balconies. Expedition decks that make it easy to step into a Zodiac for up-close exploring or launching your kayak. Sliding overwater viewing platform to intimately observe nature and marine life. And after a day of exploring, you’ll find a place to relax that puts you in the center of 360-degree panoramas.


Pronounced “cross bow”, the bow places the most forward point of the ship under the water rather than above it, ensuring a soft entry into the sea and a quiet, steady, comfortable cruising experience.

Noise and vibration virtually disappear, making the experience even more enjoyable as you can navigate the outside decks easily and safely given the absence of splash and spray.

Experience an innovative design that brings a new level of responsible travel. Built for exploration in earth’s most fragile places, Ocean Victory uses the cleanest available fuel, offers unique access to wilderness waters, and provides an unparalleled platform for discovery.



These are the hallmarks of cuisine aboard Ocean Victory. Each day presents a new array of regional specialties to tantalize your tastebuds. From your choice of breakfast options, to mouthwatering five-course dinners, you’ll eagerly anticipate every bite. Whether it’s a perfectly grilled salmon, or a freshly baked pastry to enjoy with your morning coffee, the tastes are ideally suited to the environment.