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Cruise Travel Protection
A Comprehensive Travel Protection Plan is available for Cruises and highly recommended. Below is the brief description of the policy Benefits & Limits. For full policy details and to get a quote, see the link to the right. Please note the plan is non-refundable once purchased.

Common situations that may disrupt your scheduled cruise travel plans:
-What if a family member becomes hospitalized and you must cancel your vacation?
-What if you are injured or become ill while on your trip and need medical attention?
-What if you arrive in Europe and your luggage ends up in Africa?
-What if you miss a connecting flight and are delayed for a long time?
Here are the key benefits (up to the limits shown below) of the AFC Vacations travel protection plan designed especially for cruise customers of AFC Vacations.

Trip Cancellation: Maximum Coverage 100% Insured Trip Cost
Trip Interruption: Maximum Coverage 100% of Insured Trip Cost
Trip Delay (12 hrs.): Maximum Coverage is $750 ($100/day)
Missed Connection (3 hrs.): Maximum Coverage is $500
Airline Ticket Change Fee: Maximum Coverage is $200
Baggage / Personal Effects Loss: Maximum Coverage is $750 ($250 per article, $500 combined)
Baggage Delay (12 hrs.): Maximum Coverage is $250
Emergency Sickness Medical Expense: Maximim Coverage is $50,000
Emergency Accident Medical Expense: Maximim Coverage is $50,000
Emergancy Medical Evacuation: Maximum Coverage is $150,000
Repatriation of Remains: Maximum Coverage is $150,000
Non-Medical Evacuation: Maximum Coverage is $25,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Maximum Coverage is $10,000
Pre-Existing Condition Coverage: Yes, if purchased within 14 days of initial trip deposit
24-hour Emergency & Standard Travel Assistance: Included
HOW TO ENROLL ONLINE: Click on the Enroll Now button.
ENROLLMENT ASSISTANCE: For more information on the plan or assistance with enrolling, please contact AFC Vacations at 800-369-3693. For specific questions regarding benefits, please contact USI Travel Insurance Services at 855-874-0156.

For a PDF flyer describing the Coverage and Rates, please click here.
For the Description of Coverage in California, please click here.

Note: Benefits and limits may vary by state. Please review state-specific policies for your complete benefits. Click here.
These plans are Underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, OH.


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