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Our Mission:
To provide our clients with unique, distinctive, & educational vacation experiences that offer exceptional value for the mature upscale traveler. We strive to deliver a superior class of product with more services, rather than just the least expensive way to travel.

AFC Formula for Success:
Value / Quality / Service!
At AFC, the TOP 5 essential elements that set our vacations apart are:


  1. Rich Creative Itineraries filled with unique experiences that inspire & educate.
  2. Relaxing Pace: Stop and savor your destination, not just rush from place to place.
  3. Variety of Experiences in sightseeing, food, culture, and entertainment.
  4. All Inclusive Vacations from California, Arizona, Nevada & Texas. AFC handles your trip “Door to Door,”  with all your vital travel needs included in our package price.
  5. Quality Means Value: AFC is not the least expensive way to travel, but we are certainly the best value for your vacation dollar.

Let Us Exceed Your Expectations

What Our Clients Are Saying About AFC!

We never envisioned that we would see and do so much! Thanks for making this all possible!
Jack & Jeanette Malin of Mission Viejo, CA

Practically every event was a memorable moment from start to finish!
Byron & Nancy Coats of Rancho Bernardo, CA

Sheryl was without a doubt the best tour leader we have ever had! And we have traveled to over 100 countries. She was absolutely superior in every aspect of her job!
John & Margie Frank of Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Our first tour and it couldn't have gone better! Thanks to all for doing such a fantastic job. See you next tour!
Gloria Christensen & Eric Thompson of Escondido, CA