Tour Travel Protection

AFC now offers a Travel Protection Plan at a reduced cost to you, with many of the same benefits PLUS a cancel for any reason waiver. There is no age band and the travel protection cost is the same regardless of single or double occupancy.

AFC Vacations Travel Protection Plan
Destination                    AFC RT Air Package         Land Only
USA 5 Days or Less                        $195 p.p.         $165 p.p.
Cabo San Lucas 5 Days                 $195 p.p.         $165 p.p.
USA 6 Days or More                       $275 p.p          $245 p.p.
Canada (except Rail Tours)          $325 p.p.         $295 p.p.
Canada Rail Tours                            $375 p.p.         $345 p.p.
Europe / Costa Rica                          $350 p.p.        $310 p.p.
AUNZ / Peru / Africa / Eur Riv Cr   $425 p.p.        $385 p.p.
Passion Play Europe                         $450 p.p.         $410 p.p.

Part A – Cancellation Waiver
Cancellation Waiver provided by AFC Vacations
I. Trip Cancellation Waiver (TCW)
Payment of the per person Travel Protection Plan Fee guarantees full refund on all payments (including Deposit), except theTravel Protection Plan Fee itself, made for tour rates in case of cancellation up to the time and date of departure due to the passenger’s personal illness (medical documentation required) or death of a member of the immediate family (official documentation required). If the passenger must return early due to the passenger’s personal illness or death of a member of the immediate family, payment of the protection plan fee guarantees a refund for the unused land services.

II. AFC’s “Any Reason” Cancellation Waiver (ARCW)
Payment of the per person Travel Protection Plan Fee also includes an “Any Reason” Cancellation Waiver. The “Any Reason” Cancellation Waiver provides you with 75% of the cancellation fees in the form of a future travel credit certificate, should you cancel your tour more than 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure for any reason that is not eligible for cash reimbursement under the Trip Cancellation Waiver (Section I.). Cancellation fees are reimbursed in the form of a AFC Vacations future travel certificate allowing you to travel with us at a later date within one year of the original departure date. Future travel certificate is valid for one year, is nontransferrable, nonrefundable, may not be redeemed for cash, and does not include any credit for the nonrefundable Travel Protection Plan Fee.

The Travel Protection Plan Fee (if chosen) is refundable until 180 days prior to departure & cannot be added after Final Payment. The Travel Protection Plan Fee does not cover any single supplement charges which arise from an individual’s traveling companion cancelling prior to departure. Under this scenario, the single supplement will be deducted from the refund of the person who cancels. Division of the charges is to be determined by the two passengers. The Travel Protection Plan Fee is nontransferable and valid for each applicant only.

The Travel Protection Plan does not cover any services such as airline tickets not purchased through AFC Vacations.

Exclusions for the Cancellation Waiver: AFC Vacations reserves the right to alter its Refund and Cancellation Policy In the event of an act of God, war (whether declared or undeclared), terrorism, accident, natural disaster, outbreak of disease, or other event or circumstance beyond our control that contributes to or results in cancellation rates above our historical cancellation rates in the absence of such event or occurrence.

All Cancellations, Claims & Inquiries under Part A will be administered by AFC Vacations.
If a cancellation occurs prior to departure please call:
AFC Vacations at 858-481-8188 or Toll Free at 800-369-3693

Part B – Post Departure Travel Insurance Plan provided by USI
Includes coverage for:
Trip Interruption ($1,000)
Trip Delay ($100/Day-Max $500)
Baggage & Personal Effects ($2,000)
Baggage Delay ($500)
Emergency Accident/Sickness Medical Expense ($30,000)
Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation ($150,000)
Accidental Death & Dismemberment ($25,000)
Emergency Travel Assistance (24/7)
Claims & Inquiries under Part B will be administered by USI.
For full Part A and Part B policy details find your state on the drop down menu.

To purchase a Travel Protection Plan, contact AFC Vacations  •  (858) 481-8188  •